Katatedori (片手取り)

Tehodoki in the Japanese language means to start teaching a beginner and it literally means how to get rid of a hold. Teaching Aikido starts with Uke holding Nage’s arm. You understand how to create a relationship with your partner very well when he or she is holding your arm. Aikido is neither a fighting method nor a defense method. Both Nage and Uke must benefit from the practice […] In fighting sports one does not attack by holding the opponent’s arm because the opponent will never allow you to do so. However, in a real situation, it is possible that someone tries to control you by holding your arm. […]

One of the difficulties in understanding Aikido is that it is not a sport but an art. The purpose of Aikido is not to beat or knock-out opponents but to create a situation where the attack stops.

Doshu (2015, p. 67)